How to be more active at work ? Try out some light exercises in the office

In previous article, we discussed the importance of being physically active. So how to be more active at work? Here are some suggestions by our physiotherapist:

1. Break down sitting time, take active break from the computer
2. Standing up when you are talking to your colleague or talking in phone
3. Alternate sitting and standing workstation
4. Try out the below light exercises in the office!

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Imaging for back pain – is it always necessary ?

stock-photo-acute-pain-in-a-male-lower-back-monochrome-image-isolated-on-a-white-background-341735282Low back pain is very common. Most of us will experience some form of back pain in our lifetime.

So is it always necessary to have an imaging like Xray, CT or MRI to work out the cause of the back pain?

Here are some of the downsides associated with back imaging that should be considered:

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Can physiotherapy relieve your headaches?

headacheThe upper neck can play a role in a variety of headaches, both in tension headaches and migraines. Physiotherapists can help identify if your headache is coming from the neck and whether physiotherapy is something that may help relieve the symptoms and prevent future onset. They are also able to refer you onto other practitioners whom may assist with determining where the headaches are coming from, for example, a neurologist, or an eye specialist to have your eyes checked which may be a contributing factor to your headaches.

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Ways to counteract the sedentary nature of sitting in your work day

shutterstock_109552622Prolonged siting in deskbound jobs can definitely have ill effects on our health. Not only does it load the spine, but it also is a very passive activity meaning the level of muscle activity drops and the rate of burning calories is somewhat reduced compared to walking around. Of course though in today’s society many of us have deskbound jobs, so here are some suggested ways to counteract the sitting whilst in the workplace.

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Tips for healthy computer use

physio-tips-computer-posturePoor posture whilst sitting at the computer can cause pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Here is some helpful tips for healthy computer use.

1. Always sit in an adjustable comfortable office chair, pull the chair in close to the desk and adjust the height of the seat so that your elbows, hips and knees are bent at approximately 90 degrees. Your feet should rest flat on the floor or on a footrest if needed.

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