How to be more active at work ? Try out some light exercises in the office

In previous article, we discussed the importance of being physically active. So how to be more active at work? Here are some suggestions by our physiotherapist:

1. Break down sitting time, take active break from the computer
2. Standing up when you are talking to your colleague or talking in phone
3. Alternate sitting and standing workstation
4. Try out the below light exercises in the office!


Single Leg Heel Raises

1. Lift left foot away from the floor
2. Raise-up on to tip-toes and lower in a steady controlled manner
3. Lift right heel up as high as possible
4. 10 heel raises

Repeat 3 sets.






Triceps Stretch

1. Stretch your right triceps
2. Point right elbow towards the ceiling
3. Pull right elbow backwards with the left hand
4. Hold 20 seconds

Repeat 5 sets.





Piriformis Stretch

1. Stretch your left hip
2. Cross your left ankle over your right knee
3. Bring your chest forward
4. Hold for 20 seconds

Repeat 5 sets.






Squat from Chair

1. Sit at the edge of your chair
2. Lean shoulders forward
3. Lift buttocks away from the chair
4. Hold for 10 seconds

Repeat 5 sets.





Written by Yi Jing, Physiotherapist, Prohealth In Touch Physiotherapy
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