Can physiotherapy relieve your headaches?

headacheThe upper neck can play a role in a variety of headaches, both in tension headaches and migraines. Physiotherapists can help identify if your headache is coming from the neck and whether physiotherapy is something that may help relieve the symptoms and prevent future onset. They are also able to refer you onto other practitioners whom may assist with determining where the headaches are coming from, for example, a neurologist, or an eye specialist to have your eyes checked which may be a contributing factor to your headaches.

Once the physiotherapist confirms that the neck plays a role in your headache or migraine, then they can provide effective treatment.

Treatment may involve:

-mobilisation of upper cervical joints;

-soft tissue releases or massage of the tight muscles that may be involved in the pain;

-dry needling which assists in alleviating muscle tension;

-postural advice and education which may be contributing to the onset of headaches;

-adjustments to your workstation which may be beneficial to reduce the headaches;

-stretching of tight, overactive muscles contributing to your headaches;

-strengthening of weak postural muscles.

It is important to address the symptoms and to help identify the cause to be able to prevent these headaches from recurring.

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