If you are just starting to run or have been running for a while but plan on increasing your training intensity, frequency or duration, then it is vital to have a running analysis and undergo a thorough conditioning program.

A running assessment will improve your running efficiency, speed, reduce the risk of pain and injury. Of course, if you are already feeling pain while running, then modifying your running style can change the stress on sensitive soft tissue structures and reduce pain.

It can be confusing to analyse your own running style. There are many different movement variables and stresses on the body to consider. Join our Running Assessment Programme catered for runners of all experience levels.

Our Running Assessment Programme includes:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Personalised Training And Treatment Programme
  • Prehab and Injury Rehabilitation

If this is your first time going for a Running Assessment, fret not! Here is what you can expect during your first visit:

1. Initial Assessment (45 minutes)

    • Running analysis using a treadmill to obtain a full picture of your running style
    • Muscle balance and strength testing
    • Discuss issues that may have arisen since initial assessment and review progression, addressing running fault

2. Personalised Training and Treatment Programme

    • Discussion of assessment results and devise treatment plan based on the results

3. Prehab and Injury Rehabilitation

    • Prehab exercises, running drills, and stretches for injury prevention
    • Mobility exercises & strengthening exercise, initiated using clinical Pilates & gym equipment
    • Manual physiotherapy treatment as required
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