What do I need to wear or bring to the appointment?
  • You can come dressed in your normal, daily attire, be it business or casual clothes. If you have a spinal problem or a lower limb problem please bring a pair of shorts to change into. We also do have some shorts on the premises that can be provided if need so. Females may be best if can bring a sports singlet as well.
  • Please also bring along doctor’s referral if any.
  • Please bring along investigation reports such as xray, MRI reports or medical reports if have any .
What are the payment methods available?
How long are the sessions?
Do I need to see a doctor first to allow for diagnosis and prescription of what physiotherapy to do?
Can I claim physiotherapy through my insurance?
Do I need a doctor’s referral to claim for physiotherapy?
Do you do direct billing to insurers?
What is the difference between physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractory?