Most surgical orthopaedic procedures need rehabilitation to restore normal mechanics and function to the injured part of the body, plus the whole body.

Our rehabilitation will focus on the acute phase, and take you through to sport specific rehabilitation to aid return to normal function and pre-injury sport level.

Initial phases of post-surgical rehabilitation helps to resolve pain, minimise swelling, restore mobility and strength. This will then move on to later stage rehabilitation to restore physical function, return to sport and assist with prevention of compensatory problems.

Post-operative rehabilitation focuses on giving safe and effective exercise at appropriate times after surgery to facilitate healing and restore normal function. We work closely with the relevant orthopaedic surgeon, and this will help to create the best possible outcome from surgery for the patient.

We may also deal with pre-operative cases, where an individual is awaiting surgery and may need some advice regarding safe and appropriate exercise programmes for preparing your body for surgery. This is beneficial to regain some movement and maintain strength before surgery.

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