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Anson was highly skilled and professional in his advice and treatment. Entering my third session and I felt much better with no pain and he continued to support on my recovery. THANK YOU and looking forward to achieving my goals 🙂

"In Touch Physio - Thank for you for your support, workout exercises and personal follow-up notes checking on my wellbeing since my first visit in 2005. While visiting the physiotherapist is often a little painful, the results are great and testament to your skills. When my colleagues and/or friends ask for help, I have no hesitation to give them your details. I know that they will be safe with you and that you will be able to help them overcome their health issues."

"Had Senior Physiotherapist Anson Wong, Extremely helpful and knowledgeable, would definitely recommend to anyone."

"A chronic lower back pain got me started looking for a proper physio place when I moved back to Singapore this year. I was referred to In Touch Physio by a colleague of mine and was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and the depth of knowledge that he had. Really helped with the reliving of the pain with a "needling" technique used. Also a plus that the location is super convenient in Raffles place and the staff are all super friendly! Highly recommended."

"I used In Touch Physio while preparing for the Gobi Desert ultra marathon in June 2012. I sought preventative treatment for muscle soreness (I was running between 70 and 100km a week). I found the treatment to be professional & informative. Not only did In Touch Physio treat my soreness but they provided a network of athletes who could provide advice in things such as training techniques & diet. I had sessions spanning over 8 weeks & In Touch Physio was always reliable and on time with their appointments. I have since recommended In Touch Physio to amateurs & professional athletes alike."

"I had a lower back disc tear 6 months ago and went through a host of modalities- interferential therapy, ultrasound and spinal traction etc. to deal with the pain. Unfortunately none helped as the pain persisted. Was told that spinal surgery was the final way out. Refusing this mode, I consulted Ben, who came highly recommended. Ben assessed my condition, and used a combination of dry needling, manual therapy and specifically designed exercises to address my concerns and deal with my muscular imbalances. There was clear detailed explanation and a meticulous monitoring of my progress. Within a few sessions I was much better and have even gone back to running pain-free now. Above all, I’m thankful to have avoided a needless surgery! Ben, you are truly a professional who excel in your craft!! Thank you so much!"

"Anson is very good and provided a great assessment and recovery strategy. I felt better after each visit and recovered very quickly. Gave me good advice at each visit."

"I work as an IT professional and work long hours seating. This made me susceptible to back pains. Anson Wong has helped a lot to relieve me of my physical discomforts. He is very knowledgeable and capable to work on my concerns."

"I have been a regular client of In Touch Physiotherapy over the years, initially for my rugby-related injuries. After I hung up my boots and switched to triathlons, I started seeing In Touch Physio on a regular basis, more with injury-prevention in mind. One of the key issues for a triathlete is so-called "over-use" injuries, often triggered by imbalances resulting from doing the same repetitive action again and again (eg on a bicycle). I have had ongoing but fairly low-level knee-problems, caused by tight ITBs and hip flexors and lack of flexibility generally, as well as some tendonitis in the shoulder caused by a less than perfect swim stroke. I find that regular sessions (eg a fortnightly sports massage) helps me stay on top of these issues, ensuring that they don't get too serious and that I can continue training. I would strongly recommend this pro-active approach to others - In Touch Physio is very familiar with issues facing triathletes and has a very hands-on (no-nonsense) approach - it has been key to maintaining a consistent training regime."

"The staff are always pleasant & cheerful. I came in for shoulder & knee issues prior to getting an MRI done and Lucie helped me through relieving the pain by working on my limitations & expectations. After the MRI, she explained in simple terms what the problem was, told me what I needed to stop doing (which was spot on to help me recover faster), and gave me some great rehabilitation exercises. I highly recommend Lucie."

"For anyone working and living in close proximity of the CBD, I have found Touch Physio second to none in their offering of professional and a most excellent service in both consultation and application of treatment. For me, I have been a long standing visitor for back therapy due to an uncontrollable fast golf swing, so in addition to many friends and colleagues, I have been delighted with In Touch Physio.

.... And to those of you who have visiting business people and friends who need a quick fix for contorted muscles after a long flight - In Touch Physio has been a welcome relief - that's if you're lucky to get an appointment at short notice. I commend In Touch Physio as an excellent practice for all physio needs and their record for referrals from many doctors in Singapore is a testament to their quality of treatment."

"I would like to thank the team at In Touch Physio there advice and treatment was fantastic. I highly recommend this fantastic team"

"Over the past 6 years, I have seen 3 different physiotherapists at this practice. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They have always given me a rehabilitation regime that is easy to follow, functional and easy to do at home by myself. The reception staffs are very friendly and prompt with any follow-up.

I would thoroughly recommend this practice to anyone living in Singapore."

"I have been a long term client of In Touch Physio for various ailments since it opened in 2005, and find their service to be excellent and very professional. I have seen various physiotherapists who work there and have been impressed by all with the knowledge and skills they have. They had me back on track quickly and I particularly liked the fact they took an active approach to treatment, with manual therapy and exercise based rehab.

I would highly recommend In Touch Physio, in fact most of my football club go there!"

"Michael helped me to recover from my wrist injury. He was friendly and informative about my injury and planned out effective recovery routines for me to do at home. During the session, I also got to learn about him a bit more. Definitely a nice chap and competent physiotherapist."

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