Tips for sneaking exercise into your day

shutterstock_109552622In everyone’s busy schedule between work, social, life and sleep, the hardest commitment is fitting exercise in to the busy equation!

So if you are struggling to fit a fitness routine into your weekly schedule, here are some handy tips for keeping active.

  1. Take the stairs or walk to a meeting – you can create physical challenges in your day and take the stairs instead of the lift, or walk to your meeting instead of driving or catching a cab.
  2. Good posture whilst sitting – working your core and your muscles between your shoulder blades, helps to strengthen your core and stabilising muscles.
  3. Walking in the office – walking to the printer or walking to a colleagues office to talk to them instead of talking over email or sms.
  4. Taking a lunch break and engaging in some physical activity, not only does this break up the day which has physical and mental benefits
  5. Training with friends/work colleagues- not only does this help for the moral support component, but also for the motivation  and commitment to a group.
  6. Add fitness into your commute- be it riding, running or walking to work, or perhaps hop the bus or train one or two stops earlier
  7. Do an activity that you enjoy and is fun!


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