Tips for healthy computer use

physio-tips-computer-posturePoor posture whilst sitting at the computer can cause pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Here is some helpful tips for healthy computer use.

1. Always sit in an adjustable comfortable office chair, pull the chair in close to the desk and adjust the height of the seat so that your elbows, hips and knees are bent at approximately 90 degrees. Your feet should rest flat on the floor or on a footrest if needed.

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Foam rolling and benefits

physio-foam-rollingFoam roller is a useful tool to use as part of your recovery plan. It uses the principle of deep compression to help roll out adhesions or knots that develop over time. Rolling out these knots that are caused by over activity or under activity, will help to restore original muscle length, which assists in functionality. Read more

Pain in your foot? Learn more about Plantar Fasciitis

physio-plantar-facilitisHave you been experiencing pain along the arch of your foot near the base of heel? Do you feel like you have a bruise on the pad of your heel?

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the fibrous tissue that lies on the sole of your foot extending from the heel to the base of the toes.

The theory behind plantar fasciitis is that there is a cumulative overload on the feet causing microtears and degeneration of the plantar fascia tissue. Contributing factors to this overload may be: anatomical variations such as being flat footed; excessive foot pronation; inadequate footwear; change in training methods and intensity; tight calf muscles; or being overweight.

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The dreaded High Ankle Sprain

physio-ankle-painHigh ankle sprains occur when there is damage to the ligaments or soft tissue membrane that connect the tibia to the fibula (the bones that make up the lower leg). These high ankle ligaments, known as the syndesmosis, connect the two ankle bones together and allow some rotation. The syndesmosis is made up of two ligaments (tibiofibular ligaments) and an interosseous membrane. Read more