Dynamic warm up

image005Dynamic warm up prepares your body for movement. It aims to:

  • Increase you core temperature
  • Prepare your nervous system for physical activity
  • Increase blood flow to working muscles
  • Actively elongate muscles which improve balance, stability and mobility.

Dynamic warm up is preferred method of warm up for the above reasons. This helps to prevent injury by “waking the muscles up”.

Dynamic warm up should take approximately 10 mins and involve active movements of main muscle groups that are involved in the following sporting activity. Some examples/suggestions such as:

  • Jogging, then jogging high knees, then jogging kicking heel to butt;
  • Sidestepping;
  • Hip swings forward and backward;
  • Body weight squats;
  • Jumping jacks;
  • Trunk rotations;
  • Shoulder rolls progressing into arm circles.



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