Factors predisposing athletes to groin pain

physio-groin-painGroin pain is one of the most frustrating injuries for athletes in terms of lost time from sport.

Research indicates several risk factors that may contribute to the development of groin pain and predispose an athlete to these injuries. Some are more strongly supported than others in systematic review of the literature.

  1. Previous groin injury (recurrent injury);
  2. Reduced hip adductor strength relative to hip abductors (adductor/abductor strength ratio);
  3. Lack of sport specific training both in season and pre-season;
  4. Poor core and pelvic stability;
  5. More elite levels of play;
  6. Inadequate warm up;
  7. Inadequate rehabilitation post injury;
  8. Poor flexibility;
  9. Fatigue and inadequate muscle conditioning.

Prevention programmes should try to address as many of the factors above as possible.

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