Beach running – with the good comes the bad

beach runningNot only does the beach offer a change in scenery, relaxation, and a potential source of motivation for training, it also offers a change in surface that is lower in impact and ground reaction forces. This change in surface can be beneficial for people with bony impact related injuries or for people who train frequently on a hard track and want to mix up their training load with a lighter impact session. Read more

Ankle sprains can often lead to chronic knee pain

physio-ankle-treatmentAnkle sprains can often lead to chronic knee pain such as patellofemoral (kneecap) pain, jumper’s knee, runner’s knee.

Ankle sprains can alter ankle joint mechanics and cause reduced ankle movement (particularly dorsiflexion of the ankle). This reduction in ankle dorsiflexion causes increased valgus movement on the knee in functional tasks/ sports. Read more