Why is there a big push towards dynamic stretching before exercise?

shutterstock_461974852Dynamic warm up/stretching mimics movements used in the sport or activity ahead. Dynamic warm up/stretching prepares the body for activity, and means your body is continuously moving even whilst stretching.

There has been a shift from static stretching before exercise, to dynamic stretching before exercise, with static stretching thought to have some negative effects on the exercise/sport to follow, such as reducing muscle strength, reducing muscle power and reducing explosive muscle performance.

So why the shift towards dynamic warm up/ stretching before exercise?

Dynamic warm up/stretching has a number of pre-workout benefits such as:

  • Elevating your heart rate;
  • Increasing your body temperature;
  • And stimulating your nervous system enhancing mind-muscle connection.

On a muscular level, helps:

  • Increase blood flow and core muscle temperature;
  • Prepare your muscles in a sport specific way for the activity ahead;
  • Improve range of motion around the joints and increase joint flexibility.

Another potential benefit is:

  • Mentally preparing you for the activity/sport ahead.

It is suggested that these benefits may help to not only reduce the risk of injury, but also may help in enhancing /maximizing performance.


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