Ways to counteract the sedentary nature of sitting in your work day

shutterstock_109552622Prolonged siting in deskbound jobs can definitely have ill effects on our health. Not only does it load the spine, but it also is a very passive activity meaning the level of muscle activity drops and the rate of burning calories is somewhat reduced compared to walking around. Of course though in today’s society many of us have deskbound jobs, so here are some suggested ways to counteract the sitting whilst in the workplace.

  1. Stand regularly whilst working at your desk – take a phone call standing up, so you are still working at your desk but just in a different posture. It is recommended you should stand at least for 2-3 minutes every 30-40 minutes.
  2. Walk around the office when opportunities arise – walk to the water machine, or walk to the printer after printing each document, or deliver messages to colleagues in person where possible rather than emailing or texting/calling them.
  3. Take the stairs whenever you can in your office building or when you attend meetings in other buildings.
  4. Stretch at your desk in a standing position. Last week I gave some tips for easing neck tension. Take the time to do these in a standing position at your desk a few times during the day.
  5. If you have the opportunity to exercise at lunch time then do.
  6. Standing desks and adjustable height desks are offered in some workplaces. If you have access to this sort of desk then make sure you benefit from the adjustable features.

All the above actions above will help to counteract sitting and engage more muscle activity, use more energy, and reduce the load on your spine.

You are bound to feel better for it!

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