Trigger points

physio-trigger-pointsTrigger points are described as a tender spot in a tight band of muscle, that is painful on palpation or touch. They are commonly called “knots” and may cause pain locally, may refer pain to a different area of the body or may limit range of motion. They are caused by overactivity in a muscle, which may be a result of the likes of poor posture, muscle imbalances, overuse in sport or daily activities, or stress.

Trigger points often present as burning persistent pain or a deep throbbing pain in the muscle.

Ways to treat the trigger points are:

  1. Manual therapy which involves specific techniques used to release the trigger points in the muscle;
  2. Stretching the muscle;
  3. Rolling on a ball or a roller to release the trigger point;
  4. Dry needling which uses a sterile acupuncture needle in the trigger point to help release it;
  5. Identify the cause behind the overactive muscle, such as addressing the poor posture or retraining muscle activity and recruitment.
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