"I have been a regular client of In Touch Physiotherapy over the years, initially for my rugby-related injuries. After I hung up my boots and switched to triathlons, I started seeing In Touch Physio on a regular basis, more with injury-prevention in mind. One of the key issues for a triathlete is so-called "over-use" injuries, often triggered by imbalances resulting from doing the same repetitive action again and again (eg on a bicycle). I have had ongoing but fairly low-level knee-problems, caused by tight ITBs and hip flexors and lack of flexibility generally, as well as some tendonitis in the shoulder caused by a less than perfect swim stroke. I find that regular sessions (eg a fortnightly sports massage) helps me stay on top of these issues, ensuring that they don't get too serious and that I can continue training. I would strongly recommend this pro-active approach to others - In Touch Physio is very familiar with issues facing triathletes and has a very hands-on (no-nonsense) approach - it has been key to maintaining a consistent training regime."
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