Let me tell you a story- Tales of Jim and Bob

Once upon a time, Jim and Bob both started tennis coaching. Both were intermediate tennis players in their late 30’s and had decided to shift the beer belly and get fit again. Every week, Jim and Bob would play several games of tennis and go for a few runs.

One day, they both started to get pain in their knee when running and playing tennis. The pain lasted several days. Because of that, Jim decided the best thing to do was to rest from all exercise for a couple of weeks, then go back to training at the same intensity. At first it felt ok, but after several sessions, his knee was giving him grief again.

Bob learnt that many painful joint issues are related to a sudden increase in loading beyond the stability of the joint. He took a short period of rest from tennis and running, along with a few weeks of physio including deep tissue massage and an individually tailored and progressive strengthening program. Within six weeks, he was training with his tennis coach without knee pain.

I see Jim’s story repeatedly in the clinic. Help yourself to enjoy activity by coming for a pre-emptive screening to address old injuries. If you have pain, get a diagnosis and a clear rehabilitation program.

Written by Paul Richards, Senior Physiotherapist, Prohealth In Touch Physiotherapy
Paul Richards is a Senior Physiotherapist with experience in many different areas of healthcare including the British military, private practice and academic teaching. He has an interest in sports injuries, particularly shoulder pain, knee pain and running analysis. For a consultation, please call the clinic and ask for him.
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