Q&A with Wendy, our women’s health physio

Q. Post-pregnancy I leak when coughing or when trying to run despite having worked on my pelvic floor – why is that?

A. In the case that your pelvic floor muscle is weak and requires strengthening, there is a level of skill required to train it properly. It is a fan shaped muscle and for it to work optimally, we need to contract it according to the direction in which the muscle fibres lie.

Written by Wendy Casterton, Physiotherapist



Q. When I open my bowel, why can’t I empty fully?

A. There is a general misconception that if the pelvic floor muscle is dysfunctional, it is weak. However, in many cases it is overactive. This can lead to a change in the anorectal angle which affects the downward passage of stool. In some cases, it is as important to downtrain the pelvic floor muscle as it is to train it.



Q. I go to the gym and work my abs four times a week but my mummy tummy is persistent and my lower back aches – why?

A. It is likely that when training your abs, you’re allowing your tummy to bulge out instead of drawing in. 100 crunches later and your back muscles are doing all the work – hence the backache.


Written by Wendy Casterton, Physiotherapist, In Touch Physiotherapy, Singapore


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