Q&A with Physiotherapist Benjamin Tan

Hi Benjamin, what made you want to become a physiotherapist?

Starting young as a competitive swimmer, I’ve always been curious with the reasons to why I’d occasionally experience pain in my shoulders with specific movements. Attributing it to the intense demands of training, I often dismissed it to the mentality of “no pain, no gain”. The occasional twinge ultimately developed into a shoulder injury which eventually impaired my ability to enjoy doing the thing I loved. This cultivated my strong belief that understanding your body, opens other dimensions towards a better quality of life and overall well-being.

Written by Benjamin Tan, Physiotherapist

What do you offer your patients?

Many a times with pain or an injury, knowing what we should or shouldn’t do can often be perplexing. I strive towards easing their doubts with a step-step “when and what” to do, to optimise their overall rehabilitative experience. I’d typically start every session with an in-depth analysis of their current physiological standpoint, identifying the root source of symptoms before providing them with various pain-management techniques if needed. This creates a window of opportunity for relief, as we work towards progressive resolution with an individualised exercise prescription. These techniques include dry-needling and manual therapy such as soft-tissue release, specific stretches, and joint mobilisation.


How will you describe your work?

The most important part of my work, is gaining the trust of my patients. I spend time building a relationship with each of my patients, centred around their concerns at hand, knowing that they can expect the best services from us.


What’s a typical day for you like?

I like my routines. Early riser, enjoy a cup of coffee, read the papers, get to work early to prepare for the day, another cup of coffee. After work, I’d either go for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes, hit the gym or a few laps in the pool, before spending time with friends and family over a meal and a beer (or two!)


What do you do in your free time?

Escape the concrete jungle by hitting the golfing range from time to time, and occasionally the greens on my days off work.


Fun Fact about you?

I am a former national athlete, having represented the Singapore water polo team in both the local and international scene.


A piece of advice you’d give as a physiotherapist

Don’t neglect your pain, recovery, and preservation is essential in living life to the fullest. Take care of your body, and it takes care of you.

Written by Benjamin Tan, Physiotherapist, In Touch Physiotherapy, Singapore

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