Exercising in pregnancy – some key benefits (Part 2)

shutterstock_157924235Following on from last week’s news, exercising in pregnancy is key to maintain your body in good shape and health!

Lower limb strengthening is key to help support the sacroiliac joint, pelvis and lower back. All of these structures are susceptible  to hormonal and body shape changes in pregnancy and strengthening the gluts, the core muscles and lower limb muscles can assist with providing stability to the pelvis and assist in pain reduction.

Strengthening the lower limbs may also assist with keeping your legs strong and in shape. This may also have some benefit with the birthing process and delivery, depending on the birth plan you have and positions you choose to be in when in labour.

Upper body strengthening is important for preparing your body for the physical demands once the baby is born. Be it lifting the baby in and out of a cot, carrying the baby capsule, bathing or feeding the baby. All of which are demanding on your shoulders and upper back.
Seeking advice from a physiotherapist at In Touch Physio about safe and effective exercise during and after pregnancy is recommended, not only for the benefits gained but also to avoid any detrimental or damaging effect on your body if the wrong exercises are done.



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