As neck and back pain are so prevalent in today’s society due to factors such as stress, poor posture, poor mechanics, accidents, and inactivity, we see these types of complaints amongst our clients very frequently in the clinic.

Spinal Physiotherapy is a sub-category of musculoskeletal physiotherapy dedicated to managing disorders and conditions that are related to the spine. Physiotherapists have expertise and knowledge in many aspects of the spine, and in providing non-surgical treatments for spinal pain.

Whether it is rehabilitating patients with spinal cord injuries to treating conditions such as lower back and neck pain, our physiotherapists can help.

At In Touch, our physiotherapists can help with spinal injuries and conditions. Physiotherapy treatments for spinal pain may include:

  • Mobilisation or manipulation of joints
  • Manual traction
  • Soft tissue massage including trigger point therapy, myofascial release and remedial massage
  • Neural mobilisation
  • Spinal stretching (both passive and active)
  • Spinal strengthening exercises
  • Core stability and pilates
  • Body conditioning and functional exercise
  • Postural advice and retraining
  • Ergonomic advice and setup
  • Education and advice on return to exercise or sport

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