If you are just starting to run or have been running for a while but plan on increasing your training intensity, frequency or duration, then it is vital to have a running analysis and go through a thorough conditioning program. A running analysis will improve your efficiency and thus make you faster. It will also help reduce the risk of pain and injury. Of course, if you are already feeling pain while running, then modifying your running style can change the stress on sensitive soft tissue structures and reduce pain.

It can be really confusing to try and analyse your own running style. There are many different movement variables and stresses on the body to consider. This is why we have started the new Running Analysis Clinic.

When you attend the running analysis clinic you will have an initial 1 hour session where your running gait will be recorded on our treadmill using the latest movement analysis software. Your strength and flexibility will also be assessed. Your aims and goals will also be discussed.

Our senior physiotherapist will teach you specific running drills, stretches and strengthening exercises along with the development of a running program, so that you can meet your specific goals.

A second 1 hour follow up session in 2-3 weeks will allow for your running technique to be re-assessed to evaluate your progression.

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