Q&A with Physio: Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Q: I am a regular runner and for years, every time I run I leak some urine – this never happens otherwise. Can this be treated?
Lucie: Yes. This is much more common than you think. It happens to many women when they jog, do heavy weights, during cross-fit or even when pushing their pram up a hill. It can occur in BOTH women who have and those who haven’t had children. It is usually due to a weakness or a confusion of the bladder. I can help in diagnosing the cause of this and effectively plan how to resolve the issue.

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Pregnancy Exercise and Physiotherapy – some key benefits (Part 1)

shutterstock_405029551So many soon to be mums are unsure about exercising in pregnancy and what they can do safely in pregnancy.

Pregnancy can cause havoc on the body with extra weight that the muscles and joints have to handle, the associated hormones which have an affect on ligaments becoming more flexible and more pressure on joints due to the loss of ligament support, plus changes to our centre of gravity, just to name a few!

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Exercising in pregnancy – some key benefits (Part 2)

shutterstock_157924235Following on from last week’s news, exercising in pregnancy is key to maintain your body in good shape and health!

Lower limb strengthening is key to help support the sacroiliac joint, pelvis and lower back. All of these structures are susceptible  to hormonal and body shape changes in pregnancy and strengthening the gluts, the core muscles and lower limb muscles can assist with providing stability to the pelvis and assist in pain reduction.

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