5 tips for managing proximal hamstring tendinopathy!

shutterstock_275733542High hamstring tendinopathy is an injury that can linger and be difficult to manage!

It is aggravated by activities with compressive load on the proximal hamstring tendon, when the hamstring is working with the hip flexed.

5 tips to help self manage this proximal hamstring tendinopathy are:

  1. Limit time spent sitting and driving;
  2. Avoid activities that involve bending forward or bending over like gardening or picking things up off the floor;
  3. Avoid deep lunges and deadlifts;
  4. Avoid hamstring stretching, this includes exercise such as yoga;
  5. Avoid running and walking uphills

Load modification to avoid aggravating activities is key in the management and rehabilitation of this injury.

The correct diagnosis and subsequent management of this injury is important,  so please seek some advice from the physios at In Touch Physio if you have a pain at the proximal hamstring attachment and is causing a niggling and nagging pain in the base of the butt just below the gluteal fold!


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